Summer is upon us, folks, which means it is also the season of outdoor events. Western Australia experiences sublime, predictable weather during summer, making it a dream for anyone hosting an event in the great outdoors.

You may have stumbled upon this page because you’re hosting an outdoor event in the near future. If you’re new to this and are freaking out at the responsibility you’ve been given, don’t worry! Sure, there are a few things you need to know about planning, but the #1 rule is preparation.

If you’re organised, you will be able host a fantastic outdoor event that will long be imprinted in the memories of your guests

This blog is designed for you, the novice, who were given the task of organising an outdoor event, despite the fact you have no experience whatsoever. Here are some things you need to consider when you are planning.

Have a contingency plan

In the three months of summer, it will rain on average 8.5 times. That means that on any given day, you have a 9.4% chance of rain. They are pretty good odds. Regardless, you will still need to have a backup plan in case it rains – this is especially true if you’re hosting an event outside of the summer months.

What are you going to do if it rains? To save you from having to cancel, you should keep in mind that a marquee will help keep your guests safe from the rain. In the worst case scenario (i.e. a storm), you will have to move proceedings indoors. Make sure you’re prepared for this happening long before the big day

Keep your guest comfortable

The biggest key to a successful outdoor event is keeping your guests comfortable. If you can achieve this, then you’ve won. Here is a checklist of essential things you need to take care of to make sure your guests have a great experience.

Amenities – This means things like tables and chairs. There would be nothing worse (particularly for the elderly) if patrons had to stand for the entire duration of the event. If it’s scheduled for the evening, lighting is necessary for safety – you don’t want people tripping over and hurting themselves because they could not see.

Make sure there are toilets available either at the event itself, or in short walking distance from it.

Water and food – Comfort is paramount. If your guests are at your event for an extended period of time, make sure they have enough to drink and eat. Water is very important to provide in summer as the temperatures can rise well into the 40s. Your guests will never forgive you if they suffered from heat sickness.

Protection from the elements – As sandgropers, we know that the Western Australian summer is tough. No one wants to be at an outdoor event where they are cooking under the harsh sun. If there is not sufficient shade at the location, a marquee would come in handy as it will protect everyone. If it is going to be a very hot day, fans would be a good idea.

Insects – Bugs are part and parcel of summer. To stop your guests being eaten alive, have some sort of tactic to deal with them (i.e. Repellent coils, candles or a bug zapper).


Unless the location you’ve chosen has the facilities to run an outdoor event, you’re going to have to think about how you’re going to provide electricity for lighting, sound systems and other electronics. If there are none available, you may have to hire a portable generator.

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