Do’s Don’ts & Bookings

What are our opening hours?

Monday to Saturday: 7.30am to 5 pm

Sunday: By prearranged appointment.

How long can I hire a marquee?

A hire period is from our install day, one to days prior to your event to one to two days after your event, mostly events are at weekends so we install Thursday and Fridays and remove on Mondays & Tuesdays. Week day events are much the same schedule, an install in the days before the event and a removal within a few days after. Generally we will try to remove as soon as practically possible after your event.

What time will we deliver?

Standard delivery and install times are Monday to Friday 7.30 to 5.30

We can off an am or pm delivery but it greatly depend on our work load for the entire day.

If you require a delivery or pick up at a set time additional cost maybe incurred. Delivery or removal is available outside of these hours but additional charges will be incurred.

How many people fit in each sized marquee?

This depends on the seating arrangement or whether it is a standing only event or something in between or other floor area requirement such as a dance floor or food prep or display. We can answer this quickly and easily with a little information from you. Please give us a call.

Can I hang signs on the walls of a marquee?

Most adhesive tape leaves a glue residue which can be difficult to clean off. If substantial we reserve the right to impose a cleaning charge because this can take a substantial amount of time to clean. Blue tack however is much easier to clean off so our preference is for this if you need to hang a sign.

Client Testimonials

They always have great marquees in a clean condition and are very lovely to deal. No hesitation is using Marquee Magic or recommending them to clients and friends

Jacinta Wilson

Our company at BeerFest Australia has been working with the Marquee Magic Team since 2013 for all our WA events! They never fail to deliver and are a great company and team to work with! Highly recommend!

James Harding

Thank you Marquee Magic…The Marquee was really visually stunning inside and out, your product is exceptional. A very professional and well run company……
” You made our Day Magical”. THANK YOU


Marquee magic have always been very accommodating with our requests and have bent over backwards to correct any issues that have occurred. They have been able to supply our needs on occasions with very short notice including everything from the marquee to tables and chairs.

Russell Jellis