So you’re due to host an event in the next couple of months and the time has come for you to start planning.

Something different and always memorable is hosting an event outdoors; however, there is a lot to consider to do it correctly, and to make your guests remember it. The key to hosting any event is to look after your guests by ensuring they are comfortable and that they are having a good time. Often, elements outside of our control can have an effect on this, especially if the event hosted is outdoors.

Here are a few tips to ensure a smooth, enjoyable outdoor event.

Prepare for any weather conditions

One of the main concerns about having an event outside is the weather. Summer or winter, you need to ensure that your party is weatherproof. You can do this by hiring a marquee. If the forecast says rain is on its way, try to set up the marquee a day before the time so that the ground inside is dry. If the weather prediction is blistering heat, then why not include a few mini handheld umbrellas for your guests to use to shield them from the sun. Wind is also another factor, and it’s not fun. Again, a marquee is ideal, just make sure that it is secured properly, you wouldn’t want it blowing off while your guests are inside!

Create a logical flow

It’s awesome if you have a large open space to host a party with but you have to create a clear flow for your guests otherwise they will arrive and feel awkward. Make an obvious segregation between where the food and drinks are, where to socialise, and where to chill and to dance.

Secure any large, heavy décor items

Any marquees, gazebos, tables and chairs you use outside, need to be secured to the ground properly. The last thing you want is for a guest to be injured at your party if one your furniture pieces decide to topple over. Besides injury, if the food table is not secure and someone accidently knocks it over, there goes everyone’s meal – let’s hope you have Pizza Hut on speed dial!

Make sure there’s a place to keep food warm

The problem with serving food outside is that it gets cold quickly or it wilts. Good food is crucial to ensuring a successful event so you have to make sure that your food is as fresh as possible. Try to stay away from foods like sushi, fish and curries. The food should not only look appetizing but it should taste that way, too; food is one of the biggest talking factors after an event. If you are serving heated food outside, keep dishes as hot as possible before serving because there is nothing worse than eating a hot dish completely cold.

Incorporate outdoor-friendly furniture

This takes some thought. You need outdoor-friendly furniture to ensure your guests are comfortable. As good as leather chairs may look, putting these outside on a hot day will just give people scorched skin, especially women wearing skirts. Plastic furniture works well, but if it’s been raining, some pieces could still be wet and rain would make it rather dirty – no one would want to sit on or eat off dirty furniture.

Use heavy glasses and ceramic crockery

Steer away from using paper plates and paper cups, while it may save you money, you’re not doing anyone any favours by letting them run after their tableware in the wind or letting them struggle to balance their meal on cardboard-thin plates. The only exception is that you can use them at a kiddie’s party!
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