Celebrate your nuptials anytime, anyplace with the perfect marquee

You’re engaged and already planning the day in your head. Now is the time to decide if you want to celebrate your nuptials in City Hall, a ballroom, at a hotel or a conference centre that is stuffy and not really versatile. If that’s your thing, then great stuff, however, there is one more option that is extremely popular the world over. With a beautiful wedding marquee that you can set up wherever you like, you can’t go wrong. It’s the perfect way to host your wedding in style.

Wedding marquees truly are the way forward for many couples who want something different for their big day. There are so many reasons for a marquee party for your wedding, and here are a few:

Location, Location, Location

You can have your wedding in whatever setting takes your fancy, at whatever time suits you, until whatever hour you please. What could honestly be better than celebrating a wedding while sipping cocktails on a marquee on the beach? Or, lying on Bedouin cushions around a dancefloor set up in the middle of a field in the mountains? Take your venue to whatever location suits your dream wedding.


During the summer months you really should take advantage of the great outdoor weather and enjoy your wedding on the beach, in a garden or under the Milk Way. Wedding tents come in a variety of sizes and designs that can be used in many different settings including some with open tops for you to enjoy dancing the night way under the stars.

Marquee Style

Your theme will impact on the type of wedding tent you hire, but the great thing is that there are various tents to suit various themes. Do you want a completely open marquee, or perhaps you want just one side open? Maybe you’re looking for a more Victorian-era style with arched windows and doors. Do you have a favourite part of the garden you would like to incorporate into your tent setting? The opportunities for you to work the style of your tent around the setting, really are plentiful. You can’t do that with a wedding hall.


The cost of a marquee compared to a hall or conference centre is substantially cheaper when looking at the combined costs involved. Many hotels will expect you to use their catering facilities, in-house florists and staff, whereas a marquee setting allows you to call all the shots about who is catering, who is doing the flowers, the chairs you want and who is dishing out the drinks (and what time your wedding finishes). Comparably, a marquee wedding can work out substantially cheaper than a traditional hotel wedding.


TWedding marquees for hire are available in a variety of sizes, which means you can invite as many people as you want. No need to stress about the wedding hall not being able to fit everyone inside, or squashing in more tables in the hope that everyone can get to and from their seats. Take as much space as you want, put in as many tables as you prefer and make the dance floor as big as you can. Go big or go home?

These are just a few reasons why wedding marquees are the preferred choice. Their versatility means you can put them anywhere and enjoy whatever setting you like. Don’t forgo that sunset wedding just because the hotel is a street away from the beach; take the wedding to the beach, take off your shoes and enjoy a bottle or five of chilled champagne, in the perfect setting.